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My Story

Kaitlin Chapple

Moving throughout my childhood and teenage years I was able to experience and witness the natural resilience and strengths that we, as human beings, possess. I experienced the kindness, compassion, support, and acceptance of others - and I benefited immensely from this. This experience inspired me to pursue a career in the counselling field because it is rooted in these core values. I want to create a safe space for others to receive kindness and support, while also helping them learn to treat themselves with the kindness that they deserve on their path to connecting with their authentic selves and reaching their highest potential. 

With a Bachelor of Social Sciences from the University of Ottawa and experience working within the legal system with a diverse clientele, I am grateful for the opportunity to pursue a Masters in Counselling Psychology. I value the unique experiences of others and believe that we are the experts in our own lives. I look forward to meeting people where they are, honouring their unique experiences, and walking alongside them in this chapter of their lives.

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